Media Summary

PM Netanyahu: Israel willing to cede parts of Israel for true peace


In the UK and international media today, numerous news outlets report on the aftermath of the protests on Israel’s borders on Sunday, which saw protestors infiltrate Israel. Reuters reports that the US has accused Syria of inciting the violence on Sunday. The Independent reports that Israeli security and intelligence chiefs are heatedly discussing who is to blame for allowing protestors to infiltrate the border. The paper also reports that Iran could face a new array of US sanctions under proposed legislation meant to force Tehran into international talks on its nuclear programme. The Daily Telegraph reports that the Israeli army is preparing itself for further Palestinian protests following the Nakba Day activities that took place along Israel’s borders on Sunday. The paper also notes that the Israeli navy fired warning shots on Monday at a ship carrying aid to Gaza, which resulted in the ship being diverted to Egyptian waters. The Guardian carries an opinion piece by Aluf Benn assessing PM Netanyahu’s upcoming visit to Washington. The Financial Times notes that Israel has agreed to release tax funds to the Palestinian Authority.  The paper also notes that the UK’s armed forces minister has said it was “highly likely” that the International Criminal Court would seek the arrest of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad over his role in the violent crackdown on protesters. The Guardian notes that Egyptian police fired tear gas and dispersed a crowd which protested outside the Israeli embassy in Cairo. The paper also carries a letter by Peter Mandelson clarifying and expressing his views on the situation in Syria. In other news, the Daily Telegraph and Reuters report that Syrian villagers on Monday found mass graves near the southern city of Deraa, and hundreds are reported missing since tanks and soldiers moved into the city last month. 

In the Israeli press, all papers report that in his address to the Knesset plenum yesterday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel is willing to “cede parts of its homeland” for true peace. The Jerusalem Post notes that Israeli Ambassador to the UN Meron Reuben sent two letters to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the Security Council to lodge complaints about the incidents that took place along Israel’s borders with Syria and Lebanon on Sunday. The paper also reports that the IDF decided not to release video footage showing the Lebanese army firing on and pushing back protesters attempting to infiltrate the border with Israel during protests on Sunday. Haaretz and Ynetnews note that the White House yesterday blamed Syria for the violence and for not preventing demonstrators from infiltrating Israel on Sunday.