Media Summary

Prominent Israeli figures urge Europe to recognise Palestinian State

In the UK and international press today, most papers report that the G8 world leaders are meeting in France and are discussing the ‘Arab Spring’ and ways to support countries that went through uprisings. The Independent reports that Egypt’s decision to permanently open the Rafah border with Gaza will hurt Israeli-Egyptian ties. The Financial Times notes that a group of 21 prominent Israeli public figures and intellectuals signed a letter urging the international community to recognise a Palestinian state. The Spectator carries a piece on the scenario of the Palestinians recognising Israel as a Jewish state. The magazine also runs a piece on the differing opinions in the Israeli media following Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to the US. Meanwhile, the Economist has an article on US President Barack Obama’s plan for an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal and how all the sides reacted. The magazine also notes the differing opinions that Hamas is dealing with internally in the movement.

In the Israeli press, all papers note that a group of Israeli public figures and intellectuals have signed a letter calling for the international community to recognise a Palestinian state. In other news, the papers report that the IDF appointed its first female major general. Haaretz reports that the US said yesterday it was confident that Egypt would provide good security at the Rafah border crossing, while the Jerusalem Post notes that the opening of the border shows a warming relation between Egypt and Hamas. The Jerusalem Post notes that a group of international attorneys have appealed to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to prevent a General Assembly resolution recognising the unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state, arguing that it would be in violation of all past agreements between Israel and the Palestinians.