Media Summary

Reports Netanyahu would accept ’67 lines plus swaps

The main item of Israel-related coverage in the UK media today is the on going bloodshed in Syria. Most papers have reporting and analysis of the latest events. In other items, the Daily Telegraph, Reuters and the Independent note reports that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is willing to open negotiations with the Palestinians regarding the borders of a future Palestinian state. The Times notes that the Egyptian military has removed protestors from Tahrir Square. The Scotsman notes the Palestinian plan for mass demonstrations leading up to the attempt to secure UN support for a unilateral declaration of Palestinian statehood in September. The Independent also has a piece on what it refers to as the ‘sidelining’ of the young people who brought down President Mubarak in Egypt. BBC Online has an additional piece on efforts by a Keffiyeh making company in Hebron to use social media. Reuters notes the deaths of two Palestinians in the West Bank, who were killed by Israeli forces making an arrest.

In the Israeli media, the print editions of Haaretz, Israel Hayom and the Jerusalem Post all lead with issues related to the social protests. Haaretz reports on the list of demands being drawn up by leaders of the protests in Israel. The Jerusalem Post notes a statement by Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer blaming high prices in Israel on market concentration. All papers note a Kassam attack from Gaza yesterday, and Israel’s response. Haaretz also notes a statement by British Foreign Secretary William Hague ruling out military intervention in Syria. The Jerusalem Post notes a UN Security Council meeting to discuss Syria. The paper also notes the reports regarding the government of Israel’s willingness to negotiate on the issue of borders with the Palestinians. Ynetnews has a piece noting claims that the recent killing of an Iranian nuclear scientist in Teheran was the work of the Mossad. Ynetnews also has a piece on teachers in Israel joining the social protests. Israel Hayom notes the incident on the Israel-Lebanon birder yesterday, in which a Lebanese soldier was wounded. The paper also notes a statement by PM Netanyahu according to which PA President Mahmoud Abbas is unlikely to stop the push toward a unilateral declaration of Palestinian statehood. Maariv notes that the New Israel Fund provided tents for the protests but was not involved in organising demonstrations.