Media Summary

Turkish official says Ankara will normalise ties following apology

In the UK and international press today, BBC Online notes that the Knesset voted against two motions to create committees to examine the activities of left-wing Israeli NGOs. The Telegraph and the Independent newspaper note that an Iranian state website is reporting that Iran shot down an unmanned US spy plane over the Fordu nuclear site near the city of Qom. In other news, the Guardian notes that the Assad regime in Syria has stepped up its propaganda and crackdown on antigovernment protesters.

In the Israeli press, Haaretz reports that advisor to the Turkish prime minister, Ibrahim Kalin, told the paper that Turkey intends to mend and fully normalise diplomatic relations with Israel. In other news, all papers lead with the news that the Knesset voted against two bills calling for investigations into human rights organisations in Israel. The Jerusalem Post notes that a Hezbollah leader yesterday said that if Israel attacks Lebanon that the movement would retaliate with rockets all over Israel including the southern most city of Eilat.