Media Summary

US to oppose UN resolution on settlement construction

The current unrest in a number of Middle East countries dominates coverage in the UK media today. All papers and news outlets have reports and analyses of the latest developments. In other items, the Guardian have a piece arguing that both philosemitism and antisemitism exist on both the left and the right. The Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Times, Financial Times, Reuters and BBC Online note Israeli concerns at the possible passage of two Iranian warships through the Suez Canal. The Independent reports on a rise in oil prices following a statement by Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman that Iran’s movement of its warships is a ‘provocation.’ The Financial Times has an article looking at how Iran’s leaders are ‘haunted’ by the unrest that broke out in 2009. Metro-London has an interview with a Palestinian doctor working in the Gaza Strip, and notes that a recent farewell party held for outgoing chief of staff Gabi Ashkenazi credited him with a role in creating the Stuxnet computer worm. The Independent has an opinion piece suggesting that the Iranian regime will fall, but not peacefully. 

In the Israeli media, all papers focus on the presence of the Iranian warships in the Red Sea, and the possibility that they will pass through the Suez Canal. All papers also have pieces on the latest threats against Israel by Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s response to them. Haaretz notes US intentions to veto a resolution condemning Israeli settlement activity, due to be voted on at the UN Security Council tomorrow. The paper has an additional piece on statements by foreign officials in Jerusalem that Netanyahu is growing isolated internationally because foreign leaders do not believe he is ‘serious’ regarding the peace process. The Jerusalem Post notes US intentions to tighten sanctions against Iran, and reports on a statement by Netanyahu of the need to be ready for ‘the worst’ should events in Egypt take a negative turn. Ynetnews has a piece on the lack of knowledge among US officials regarding the Muslim Brotherhood. Maariv notes the increasing number of doctors in Israel who are seeking employment outside of the public health system.