Media Summary

US won’t support PA without Hamas meeting conditions

The Daily Telegraph has a piece contending that PM Netanyahu claimed that French President Nicholas Sarkozy had endorsed their demand that the Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state.  The Times, Reuters, Financial Times, Evening Standard, Economist, Scotsman, BBC Online and Sky News Online all have pieces on the ongoing unrest in Syria. The Guardian has pieces on Gaza’s first marathon and a dispute in New York over a plan to give an award to a playwright who is considered ‘anti-Israel.’ The paper also runs a piece on the current political situation in Egypt. The Times notes that an Israeli general did not accompany PM Netanyahu to the UK because of fears of arrest.  The Financial Times reports that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is calling for a ‘review’ of the country’s relations with Israel.  The paper also notes that the EU is split over the nature of proposed sanctions on Syria.  The Scotsman reports on remaining divisions between Hamas and Fatah.  The Jewish Chronicle notes a statement by PM Netanyahu that after the death of Bin-Laden, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei represents the biggest threat to the West. The paper, along with the Times, also notes the grounding of flights at Ben-Gurion airport yesterday because of fears of fuel contamination. The Jewish Chronicle reports on PM Netanyahu’s upcoming visit to the US, and has a report on an upcoming Israel advocacy conference in the UK.  The Economist has a number of articles on the Palestinian reconciliation agreement.  The magazine also has two pieces on the killing of Osama Bin-Laden and the practice of targeted assassinations.  The Spectator has an open letter to PM David Cameron criticizing his stances toward Israel. BBC Online has an additional piece on Western responses to the Palestinian reconciliation deal. The New Statesman and the Spectator have articles on Bin-Laden, which note his attempt to make use of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  The Independent has a letter claiming double standards on the issue of targeted killings, depending on whether Israel or the US is carrying them out. 

In the Israeli media, all papers focus on the grounding of flights at Ben-Gurion airport yesterday because of fears of fuel contamination. The Jerusalem Post and Haaretz note a statement by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in which she said that the US would not support the new Palestinian government unless Hamas adhered to Quartet conditions.  Haaretz quotes Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz who defends his decision to delay the transfer monies to the PA immediately before it signed a deal with Hamas.  The Jerusalem Post has a piece on expected protests in Syria today. Ynetnews, meanwhile, quotes Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal who described the killing of Bin-Laden as an ‘atrocity.’