Terror attack on Jerusalem synagogue kills worshippers

Four worshippers were killed and eight others injured in a terrorist attack on a synagogue in the Har Nof neighbourhood in Jerusalem this morning.

Two terrorists armed with guns and axes burst into the synagogue during morning prayers and began attacking the worshippers. The terrorists were killed in a firefight with police.

Initial reports claimed that the two attackers were cousins, Jerusalem residents, and that one of them worked at a shop near to the synagogue.

The attack is one of the worst terrorist attacks to take place in Israel in years.

Reacting to the attack, Prime Minister Benjamin Netantahu said, “This is a direct result of incitement led by Hamas and Abu Mazen [Mahmoud Abbas], incitement that the international community has been irresponsibly ignoring.”

Hamas released a statement calling the attack a “heroic act”; Islamic Jihad similarly praised it.

US Secretary of State John Kerry, in London for meetings, condemned the attack saying, “This simply has no place in human behaviour… People who had come to worship God in the sanctuary of the synagogue were hatcheted and hacked and murdered in their holy place in an act of pure terror and senseless brutality.”