Cameron backs democracy during Middle East tour

Prime Minister David Cameron, the first Western leader to visit Egypt since the toppling of Hosni Mubarak, arrived in Cairo on Monday and is expected to deliver a speech that will call for freedom and democracy as the best methods to bring about peace and prosperity to the Middle East. Cameron told reporters in Cairo that democracy was a process and that in order to build a more stable country and economy, institutions need to be built, an independent judiciary needs to be created with healthy political party activities taking place.  In his speech planned for today, Cameron will reportedly call on the people of the Middle East to choose their leaders and politicians and will insist that the UK is not interested in any particular leader or party.             

During his visit yesterday Cameron also addressed the crackdown in Libya calling it “appalling”. He added, “We can see what is happening in Libya which is completely appalling and unacceptable as the regime is using the most vicious forms of repression against people who want to see that country – which is one of the most closed and one of the most autocratic – make progress.”