Cameron: My belief in Israel is indestructible

UK Prime Minister David Cameron said yesterday that his belief in Israel is “indestructible” and his aim as prime minister is to build a productive relationship between Britain and Israel. PM Cameron was addressing a dinner of the Community Security Trust, an organisation which monitors anti-Semitism and provides security for the Jewish community. “I will always be a strong defender of the Jewish people. I will always be an advocate for the State of Israel,” Cameron said.

Cameron also said that he had instructed British ambassador to Israel, Matthew Gould to prioritise relations and new partnerships between the hi-tech economies of Israel and Britain. The prime minister added that Israel had a right to protect itself from the threat of rocket and missile attacks from Gaza. He told the guests attending the event that Israel has a right to search vessels for weapons that enter Gaza. “When over 100 rockets are fired into Israel from Gaza in one year, Israel is within its rights to search vessels bringing cargo into Gaza. But just as the Palestinian Authority has made significant steps to shoulder its responsibility, tackling violence from the West Bank, Israel needs to engineer a real drive to help improve life for ordinary Palestinians,” he noted.