IDF probe into death of Bilin protester shows she died of medical malpractice

An IDF probe that is being conducted into the incident last month where a Palestinian protester Jawaher Abu Rahma died in Bilin after breathing in tear gas, has concluded that she died because of incorrect medical treatment at a Ramallah hospital.

“According to our findings, Abu Rahma, 36, died as a result of the medical treatment,” an IDF source from the Central Command said. The medical reports obtained by the IDF revealed that Abu Rahma received unusually high doses of atropine, an antidote for tear gas, and her medical condition deteriorated at the hospital after receiving the incorrect dosage and wrong treatment. An IDF source said that, “As the IDF claimed tear gas doesn’t kill. Our estimation was that she had a medical history and had received inappropriate medical care which led to the tragic circumstances and that is the state of things. It’s a pity that there were sources who took advantage of the incident in order to accuse the IDF without first examining the circumstances.”

Also yesterday, the IDF reported that it had discharged a soldier who had acted ‘unprofessionally’ in a West Bank raid which mistakenly killed 65 year old Palestinian man, Amr Qawasme. The IDF expressed its deep regrets for the death.