Iraq, Jordan and Egypt hold summit in Cairo

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Sisi, King Abdullah II of Jordan and Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi held a trilateral summit in Cairo to discuss regional cooperation.

A statement issued after the summit said: “The leaders emphasised the importance of combatting terrorism in all its forms and confronting everyone supporting terrorism by offering financing, armament, safe shelters or media platforms.” The leaders also stressed their full support for Iraqi efforts to complete the reconstruction and the return of the displaced and ensure the rights and rights of its citizens violated by terrorist groups.

The three countries expressed their support for the Palestinian people: “In their fight to attain their lawful rights, atop of which the right to establish their independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital”. In a separate statement, Jordan and Egypt said that: “Stopping escalation of Israeli violence in Jerusalem and violations against the Al-Aqsa mosque is necessary.”

While discussing energy, industrial development and infrastructure, the three countries stressed the importance of working with the rest of the Arab world to restore stability in, and find solutions to, ongoing crises in Syria, Libya, and Yemen. The leaders discussed a number of ideas to enhance economic integration and cooperation in the region, including the promotion and development of joint industrial zones, cooperation in energy, infrastructure, reconstruction and other sectors of development cooperation.

President Sisi and Prime Minister Mahdi also agreed to resume bilateral committees between Cairo and Baghdad, which had not been held since 2002, shortly before the US-led war in Iraq.

They praised the victory of Iraq against ISIS and the sacrifices made by the Iraqi people. In December 2017, Iraq declared that Iraqi territory had been liberated from ISIS after a US-backed military campaign lasting more than three years. Egypt continues to mount a military campaign against ISIS-affiliated groups in the Sinai Peninsula.

On Saturday, the foreign ministers and intelligence chiefs from Egypt, Jordan, and Iraq also met in Cairo.

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