Israel and UK tech companies share cyber solutions in London

Top UK and Israeli businesses will start a three-day conference today organised by the UK Government to share solutions to prevent cyber-attacks.

The annual programme, called TeXchange, is being spearheaded by the UK Israel Tech Hub, a team within the British Embassy in Israel, which has already resulted in more than 20 UK-Israel partnership deals.

The UK companies participating include Aviva Insurance, BT, Goldman Sachs, RBS and Visa. The programme includes pitching and networking events, tours to tech companies, meetings with potential investors and Government officials.

Ayelet Mavor, acting Director of the UK Israel Tech Hub, said: “We are confident UK companies can gain a competitive edge on their security needs by partnering with Israel’s cyber industry.”  Mavor said there are more than 400 Israeli cyber tech companies amounting to 8 per cent of global cyber exports.

According to data provided by the UK Embassy, the Tech Hub has helped facilitate more than 80 bilateral tech partnerships with a market value of more than £600m.

The Israeli companies participating include MindoLife, a start-up that recently signed a $20m deal with India’s SAR Group to supply it with Internet of Things (IoT) technology, an inter-networking of physical devices which enable these objects to collect and exchange data.

Other Israeli firms include Cyberwrite, Cyberbit, CySur, SecuredTouch, SAM Seamless Network, Cronus Cyber Technologies, GuardiCore, BigID, Cymulate, SecuPi and Dyadic Security.

In previous years, TeXchange has focused on retail-tech, fintech, smart mobility and other areas.

Hundreds of UK companies and more than 60 Israeli start-ups have taken part in TeXchange activities so far, with this year’s programme being the largest in terms of UK participation.

The UK is Israel’s second largest trading partner, with bilateral trade doubling over the past decade to reach £5.5bn per year.

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