Israel’s UK envoy meets Middle East Minister for the first time

Israel’s new Ambassador to the UK has met the Middle East Minister for the first time since taking up his post earlier this month.

Mark Regev was welcomed to the role yesterday by Middle East Minister Tobias Ellwood, who reiterated the strong bond between the UK and Israel. Regev was appointed to become Israel’s Ambassador in London in August last year but remained in Israel to continue  to serve as foreign media spokesman to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The 55-year-old arrived in London at the start of the month, presenting his credentials at the Foreign Office.

Following their meeting yesterday, Ellwood, said he “was delighted to meet Israel’s new Ambassador to the UK Mark Regev and welcome him to the role”. He added: “We discussed a range of issues including Israel’s security, economic matters and steps towards peace in the region. I look forward to working closely with Mr Regev and building on what is already a strong relationship between the UK and Israel.”

Regev moves into the role as envoy to London with UK-Israel trade having grown rapidly in recent years and currently worth in excess of £4.5 billion. Bilateral relations continue to grow in numerous fields including intelligence sharing, science, health and education.

This is Regev’s first ambassadorial appointment, having joined Israel’s Foreign Ministry in 1990. He served as the deputy chief of mission at the consulate in Hong Kong and as spokesman at the embassies in Washington DC and Beijing. He then served as the spokesman for Israel’s Foreign Ministry between 2004 and 2007, before being appointed as the Prime Minister’s foreign media spokesperson. It was a role in which he gained international prominence as a regular and widely respected voice across international media outlets. Before his arrival in London, Israel’s Deputy Ambassador Eitan Na’eh fulfilled ambassadorial duties as the mission’s most senior diplomat.

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