Outgoing Mossad Chief Dagan says Iran won’t have nuclear weapons before 2015

Outgoing Mossad (Israeli Intelligence Agency) Chief Meir Dagan addressed the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee yesterday and said that Iran would not have nuclear capability before 2015. Dagan explained that in the past intelligence assessments had predicted that Iran could be nuclear weapons holder by 2007 or 2011 but since Iran’s nuclear programme has suffered from a number of malfunctions and setbacks, this estimated date has been extended to 2015.

Dagan ended his term as head of the intelligence agency yesterday morning and handed over to incoming Mossad Chief Tamir Pardo. Meanwhile, according to a WikiLeaks report, Dagan told senior US officials that it would take a series of coordinated plans to stop Iran’s nuclear programme. The plans included increasing economic sanctions against Tehran, preventing exports of nuclear related products from the rest of the world to Iran, covert warfare and encouraging minority and opposition groups to rebel against the regime. Dagan’s term in office focused on the Iranian nuclear programme and the targeting of Hamas, Hezbollah leaders and Iranian scientists.