Sara Netanyhu to stand trial on fraud charges

Sara Netanyahu, wife of the Israeli Prime Minister, has this morning been indicted on fraud charges.

The indictment was filed by Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit and will result in Netanyahu standing trial.

The charges relate to gourmet meals from chefs and restaurants totalling NIS 400,000 (£86,000), the cost of which she allegedly claimed from public funds.

The indictment also deals with accusations relating to the purchase of furniture for the Prime Minister’s Official Residence, which was then allegedly transferred to the Netanyahu’s private home, and the hiring of Likud Party central committee member Avi Fahima as an electrician against official advice and finally paying healthcare for her late father and claiming them back from public funds.

The Netanyahu family dispute the allegations, and claim that their former housekeeper Meni Naftali instead committed offences and is making false accusations in order to clear his own name. Last night, Naftali raised concerns that the charges may only relate to the meals, which he claimed “will only help Sara Netanyahu get out of everything”.

As news broke of the impending indictment, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wrote on his Facebook page: “The allegations against the Prime Minister’s wife are absurd and will prove to be false.

“Sara Netanyahu is a courageous and honest woman, and her actions have never been without merit. In addition to her weekly work as an educational psychologist and child care expert, she spends a great deal of time helping children with cancer, Holocaust survivors and lone soldiers.”

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