Podcast Special | A Historic Agreement: Israel and the UAE

Following the historic declaration of full normalization of relations between Israel and the UAE, the BICOM team has produced a series of interviews with policy experts from the United States and Israel about the implications of the agreement.


The view from Washington: Ronie Gazit speaks to Dr David Pollock of The Washington Institute for Near East Policy and Director of Fikra Forum, about the historic agreement between Israel and the UAE. Ronie and David discuss what factors led the two countries to agree to the full normalization of relations, whether other moderate Arab states will follow suit, what it means for the Palestinians and more.

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The view from Israel: Richard Pater speaks to Koby Huberman, the co-founder of the Israeli Peace Initiative. The initiative is aimed at connecting Israel with the key Arab states to create a new regional paradigm. Richard and Koby discuss the development of Israeli-Emeriti relations in recent years, the importance of the agreement for both countries, how the full normalisation of relations may progress in the future.

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