Israeli-Palestinian Interim Agreement (Oslo II)


The Israeli-Palestinian Interim Agreement on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip (also known as Oslo II) was signed on 24 September 1995 in Taba, Egypt, and countersigned four days later in Washington. It is an extensive, complex document. Among its major provisions, Oslo II calls for further Israeli troop redeployments beyond the Gaza and Jericho areas. Under the agreement, Israel was first scheduled to redeploy from the major Palestinian population centres in the West Bank (the ‘second redeployment’) and later from all rural areas (the ‘third redeployment’), with the exception of Israeli settlements and the Israeli-designated military areas. The IDF retained responsibility for the safety of the citizens of Israel, and Israel released numerous Palestinian prisoners who had not been involved in the killing of Israelis. For its part, the Palestinian Authority assumed responsibility for civil affairs and security, including the commitment to prevent terror attacks on Israel.

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