The Clinton Parameters


Often referred to as the ‘Clinton Peace Plan’, on 23 December 2000, president Clinton presented both Israeli and Palestinian negotiating teams with his parameters for a final status agreement. He asked that the parties respond to him by 27 December if the parameters were acceptable as a basis for further negotiations. President Clinton proposed the following: a Palestinian state in 97 percent of the West Bank, 100 percent of Gaza (and a land link between the two), the Arab neighbourhoods of east Jerusalem would become the capital of the Palestinian state, a right for Palestinian refugees to settle in a future Palestinian state (along with an international fund of $30 billion USD that would be put together for either compensation or to cover repatriation, resettlement and rehabilitation costs), some form of sovereignty over parts of the Temple Mount, and many other historic proposals. Barak endorsed the plan; Arafat introduced reservations (without presenting a counter-offer) to each one of the proposals and made them wholly unworkable.

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