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Haaretz: It all comes down to Lieberman, by Raviv Drucker

There hasn’t been a single unity government or an attempted union to which I haven’t objected. In 1996 I thought Shimon Peres should stay out of what became Benjamin Netanyahu’s first coalition government. In 1999 I opposed the idea of Ehud Barak inviting Likud to join his government. In 2011 I thought that it would be an enormous mistake for Peres and Binyamin Ben-Eliezer to join Ariel Sharon’s government, as well. In 2009 I was against Tzipi Livni joining Benjamin Netanyahu’s government and in 2016 I wrote against an attempt by Isaac Herzog to join a Netanyahu-led government.

So this is the first time I’m supporting this idea.

After the last election I was one of those who said: Let the right govern without excuses; let’s see them do it. They aren’t going to annex the territories and they won’t cancel the Oslo Accords. Let them not have some miserable centrist politician serving as an excuse for their inability to implement their ideology. But while there was no annexation, it’s not certain that I was right. I was assuming that no government headed by Netanyahu would make progress on the diplomatic front, so there was no point in providing him with a fig leaf, as Barak did between 2009 and 2013 and Yair Lapid and Livni did in subsequent coalitions. I thought, how much damage could the right do?

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