Media Summary

Sky News, Reuters, The Independent, The Telegraph, The Mirror, The Times and The Financial Times all report that fourteen more Israeli hostages have been released by Hamas after being held for almost seven weeks.

Sky News, The Mirror, The Financial Times, The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Economist, and The Guardian all report on our main story, that a temporary truce period between Israel and Hamas has begun – with the first group of Israeli women and children due to be released later today.

The BBC and the Financial Times reports that Israel’s communications minister has accused four freelance Gaza-based journalists who have worked with Western outlets of knowing that Hamas was going to attack Israel. Shlomo Karhi told Reuters, AP, CNN and the New York Times that “individuals within your organization… had prior knowledge of these horrific actions”.

The BBC and The Financial Times report that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said Israel will have “overall security responsibility” for the Gaza Strip “for an indefinite period”. 

The Telegraph reports that Israel shot down a ballistic missile using its Arrow missile-defence system, in what is believed to be the first combat to ever have taken place in space. The Arrow missile-defence system took out a ballistic missile fired over 1,000km away in Yemen.

The Telegraph publishes an interview with Israel’s ambassador to the UK, Tzipi Hotoveley, about her thoughts on Britain’s relationship with Israel, Israel’s current tactics and rising antisemitism in the UK.