BICOM Podcast: Joint Arab List candidate Basel Ghattas interviewed by Toby Greene

Ahead  of the March 17 election, BICOM Director of Research Toby Greene interviewed Basel Ghattas, a member of the Arab Balad party, now part of…

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BICOM Podcast: Likud candidate Anat Berko interviewed by Toby Greene

BICOM Director of Research Dr. Toby Greene spoke with Dr. Anat Berko, a candidate on the Likud party list for the forthcoming Israeli elections and renowned terror expert.

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BICOM Podcast: Zionist Union candidate Eytan Schwartz interviewed by Richard Pater

BICOM Israel Office Director Richard Pater interviewed Eytan Shwartz, candidate for the Zionist Union.

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BICOM Podcast: Jewish Home candidate Ronen Shoval interviewed by Toby Greene

BICOM’s Director of Research Toby Greene spoke with Ronen Shoval, a writer, intellectual and activist, as well as a candidate for Naftali Bennett’s Jewish Home party.

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Netanyahu’s Congress speech and US-Israel relations assessed by Dr. Jonathan Rynhold

Dr. Jonathan Rynhold, author of The Arab-Israeli Conflict in American Political Culture (Cambridge University Press, 2015), explains why support for Israel is so deep-rooted in the US, and why it is likely to endure despite current differences between Prime Minister Netanyahu and the US Administration over Iran’s nuclear programme.

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Iran's Nuclear Programme

BICOM Poll of Polls

The BICOM Poll of Polls is produced for BICOM by Arieh Kovler based on a selected basket of opinion polls published in Israel each week.