The Jewish Chronicle: After Kerry, does Plan B make sense? by Dr Toby Greene


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a Japanese newspaper last week: “I don’t think the status quo is desirable, I don’t want it and I’m engaging in consultations with my own coalition partners and with others, to see if we have other alternatives … because I don’t want a binational state.”

This statement plays into a debate brewing in Israel, after the recent suspension of final status talks with the Palestinians fuelled doubts as to whether a negotiated two-state solution is really viable. The forebodings of the naysayers appear justified: the gaps are too big; the internal political challenges too great; the distrust too deep.

For those who believe a two-state solution is vital to Israel’s future, it would be easy to despair. There is a danger of a vacuum which could be filled by some bad ideas, including that “time has run out” for a two-state solution.

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