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INSS: The trilateral Israel-US-Russia meeting: motives and ramifications, by Zvi Magen

The meeting of the national security advisers of the United States, Russia, and Israel in late June is an achievement for Israel’s policy, which navigates between the interests of Moscow and Washington and is a party to the superpowers’ dialogue on the future of Syria and the Iranian intervention in that country. For the United States and Russia, this is another step in the their efforts to create closer ties and to focus the dialogue between them on matters of dispute.

The choice of Israel as the venue for the meeting was meant to emphasize its regional role, and it is also possible that both Washington and Moscow have an interest in voicing support for Israel in the context of Syria and of Iran.

Israel has an interest in being involved in talks regarding regional issues, but in doing so, it might be inviting a measure of risk, too. The talks could lead to agreements that will relate mainly to a political accord and the shoring up of Syria’s stability, without addressing any Israeli interests in that context.

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