Media Summary

Clinton says Syrian regime responsible for 2,000 deaths

The main item of Middle East related coverage in the UK media today is the ongoing repression of protests in Syria, and the hardening western stance toward the Assad regime. Most papers have reports on the latest developments. The Spectator has a piece opposing any western intervention in Syria. The Spectator also has a piece critical of British funding for the Palestinian Authority education system, for as long as it continues to use teaching materials containing antisemitism. The Daily Mail has a piece looking into claims that Israel is responsible for the murder of Iranian nuclear scientists. The Financial Times, Economist, New Statesman, Spectator and Sky News Online have articles on the trial of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, which opened this week. The Times and BBC Online note the approval given in Israel for the construction of 900 new homes in Har Homa, on the contested southern tip of Jerusalem. The Guardian has an article arguing that Arab ‘staying power’ may yet defeat ‘Zionism.’ The Daily Telegraph runs a piece on Bahrain and the Arab Spring. The Jewish Chronicle notes the ongoing Qassam attacks from the Gaza Strip. The paper also notes claims that Israel ‘smeared’ a candidate for the Irish presidency. The Guardian, the Financial Times and the Economist have articles on the protests in Israel. The Economist runs an additional piece on Islam and democracy.

The print editions of Haaretz, the Jerusalem Post and Israel Hayom all lead with the housing protests in Israel. The Jerusalem Post also has a prominent article on claims by a photo-journalist that Israeli forces shot at journalists covering a protest in the West Bank.

In the Israeli media, all papers note the ongoing housing protests. All papers also report on the Qassam attacks from Gaza, and Israel’s response. Haaretz has a piece noting that the Palestinian Authority has ordered its forces to prevent violence after the vote in September at the UN on Palestinian statehood. Haaretz also notes the arrival in Israel of new US ambassador Dan Shapiro. The Jerusalem Post and Ynetnews note the statement by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that 2000 people have been killed by the Assad regime in Syria in the current repression of protests. Israel Hayom notes Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s criticism of what he called a ‘wave of populism’ sweeping Israel. The paper also notes a Knesset report looking ahead to September, which states Israel lacks a clear strategy for dealing with a unilateral Palestinian declaration of statehood. Maariv runs a piece on the planned protests across Israel to take place on Saturday evening.