Media Summary

Hague concerned over peace process stalemate

The main item of Israel related coverage in the UK media today is a statement by UK Foreign Secretary William Hague, in which he is critical of what he calls Israel’s ‘belligerent language’ regarding the events in Egypt. In other items, all papers have coverage of the continued protests in Egypt. The Guardian has an article on the Muslim Brotherhood movement. The Guardian also notes that the unrest is threatening the supply of fuel to Gaza from Egypt, and has a piece by an Israeli journalist on ‘Israel after Mubarak.’  The Times has an analysis of ‘cracks’ in the relationship between the UK and Israel reflected in the remarks by William Hague. The Financial Times runs a piece by anti-Islamist activist and writer Ayaan Hirsi Ali on the protests in Egypt. The Scotsman notes an announcement by the Palestinian Authority yesterday of plans to hold municipal elections in the PA areas. The paper also notes demands in Jordan for a reduced role in public affairs for Queen Rania, wife of the Jordanian king, and a decision by the Syrian regime to permit the return of Facebook to Syria. Reuters notes that Israel had expected Vice President Omar Suleiman to succeed President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt. BBC Online quotes Palestinian Chief Negotiator Saeb Erekat as saying that resignation remains an option for him if it transpires that documents were stolen from his office. 

In the Israeli media, all papers report on the ongoing unrest in Egypt. Haaretz has a piece on the absence of an Israeli ambassador at the United Nations. The paper also notes increased Israeli spending on gas following the recent explosion of a pipeline from Sinai, and notes that the IDF Spokesman recently visited the UK incognito, to avoid the possibility of an attempted arrest under universal jurisdiction laws. The Jerusalem Post notes William Hague’s remarks criticising Israel’s ‘belligerent language’ on events in Egypt. The paper has an additional piece on a revelation that senior PA officials, including PA President Mahmoud Abbas and his sons, have recently taken Jordanian citizenship. Ynetnews notes a PA announcement of municipal elections in July, and has pieces on a new Turkish play about the Mavi Marmara events, and a statement by White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs on the solid nature of US-Israel relations. Maariv notes that Prime Minister Netanyahu has convened an emergency discussion of the issue of price rises.