Media Summary

Netanyahu to focus on Iranian threat in Washington

In the UK and international press today, several papers anticipate US President Barack Obama’s Middle East speech that he will deliver today. The Guardian notes that President Obama will pledge billions in aid to Middle East countries embracing democracy, while the Independent carries a piece skeptical over whether President Obama’s words will address the real needs of the Middle East. In other news, all papers note that the US is targeting Syria by imposing sanctions on President Bashar Assad for the first time and will freeze assets owned by Syrian officials in the US. The Telegraph reports that the International Atomic Energy Agency is investigating whether their mobile phones and computers have been hacked by Iranian officials seeking confidential information. BBC Online reports that Moscow expelled an Israeli military attaché over accusations of espionage.

In the Israeli press, the Jerusalem Post reports that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will ask President Obama to bring the Iranian nuclear programme to the forefront of the agenda when the two leaders meet tomorrow to discuss Middle East related issues. All papers note that the Israeli military attaché to Moscow was expelled over suspicion of espionage. Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post note that PM Netanyahu yesterday launched an anti-cyber terror taskforce to protect Israel’s internet and systems. In other news, all papers note that the US froze the US assets of Syrian officials due to the ongoing violence and repression against anti-government protesters.