Media Summary

Second ceasefire goes into effect

The main item of Israel-related coverage in the UK media today is the reported ceasefire now in place, intended to end the current round of violence in the south of Israel. In other news, many news outlets cover the ongoing repression of protests in Syria and the boost Syrian protestors have received from the demise of the Gaddafi regime in Libya. All papers also have coverage and analysis of the efforts to topple the Gaddafi regime in Libya. The Guardian notes a statement by UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg that President Assad of Syria should resign, whilst the Times has an editorial commenting that pressure on the Assad regime in Syria will increase following the fall of Gaddafi. Reuters notes Egyptian intentions to bolster security arrangements on its Sinai border with Israel. The Financial Times, along with the Independent and Daily Telegraph, notes that Iran has begun to move uranium enrichment facilities to an underground bunker. The Financial Times and the Independent also have pieces discussing events in Libya in the context of the Arab Spring. The Daily Telegraph notes that Sheikh Raed Salah, a leader of the Islamic Movement in Israel who managed to enter Britain despite a ban, has won a change in his bail conditions to allow him to attend Ramadan prayers. The Guardian has an opinion piece from a resident of Gaza calling for increased EU aid to Gaza and political pressure on Israel. The Daily Mail reviews a programme in which a British journalist travels to Gaza. BBC Online, meanwhile, profiles the author of a new book about Jerusalem.

In the Israeli media, all papers note the achievement of a ceasefire in Gaza following renewed rocket attacks on southern Israel yesterday. The Jerusalem Post quotes an adviser to PM Netanyahu who said that Israel will not enter Gaza if rocket fire ceases, whilst Haaretz notes ministerial support for restraint over Gaza. The Jerusalem Post also has a piece noting US moves to make aid to Egypt conditional on the maintaining of peace with Israel.  Ynetnews focuses on the social protestors in Israel determined to continue despite the rocket attacks.  Israel Hayom, meanwhile, notes the decline in Iranian support for Hamas, and has a piece on the UN decision to further delay the publication of the Palmer report.  All papers report on the events taking place in Libya.