BICOM Analysis: Netanyahu’s New Middle East
Key Points A key concern stressed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in his UN speech, ahead of his meeting with President Obama on Wednesday,... Read more
BICOM Briefing: Following the Gaza conflict,
what to expect next
Key points Egyptian mediated talks involving Israel and Palestinian factions are expected to begin in Cairo within the next two weeks to address long term... Read more
Fathom Gaza Symposium: Is reconstruction
for demilitarisation the way forward?
Fathom editors invited leading policy analysts to discuss: ‘reconstruction for demilitarisation’ – a long-term, large-scale economic development package for the Strip to transform the lives of Gazan civilians in return for the disarmament of Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and other armed groups. Read more
International Business Times: Now We Must
Build on Hamas' Failure, By Toby Greene
Much of the commentary on Gaza is interpreting a renewed ceasefire as a draw, in which nothing has really changed. Some even claim that emerging... Read more
BICOM Briefing: Hamas intimidation and
manipulation of the world's media
The Foreign Press Association (FPA) has protested against the "blatant, incessant, forceful and unorthodox" Hamas intimidation of journalists in the Gaza Strip. BICOM has produced a briefing detailing the measures and tactics used by Hamas. Read more
Netanyahu to stress Iranian threat in Obama meeting
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet US President Barack Obama today at the White House. Sources close to Netanyahu’s office have briefed Israeli media... Read more
Iran’s Rouhani clashes with Cameron over UN criticism
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani hit back at Prime Minister David Cameron’s criticism of the Iranian regime. At his speech last week at the UN General... Read more
NGO B’Tselem back on the Israeli national service roster
An Israeli human-rights NGO has been reapproved as a placement venue for national service participants. B’Tselem is an organisation which scrutinises and monitors the actions... Read more


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