Telegraph: Blaming Israel for Palestinian violence
denies Arabs are moral agents, by Alan Johnson
In this article in the The Telegraph, BICOM Senior Research Fellow Alan Johnson discusses the media response to this week's terror attacks in Jerusalem. Read more
IBT: Jerusalem Terror was a Scene from
Pogrom - but We are Defiant, by Richard Pater
In this article in the International Business Times BICOM Director in Israel Richard Pater assesses the terror attack on the Har Nof synagogue. Read more
The Jewish Chronicle: There are no easy
fixes, by Dr. Toby Greene
In this article in the Jewish Chronicle, BICOM Director of Research Dr. Toby Greene discusses the violence and tensions in Jerusalem, with a focus on the synagogue attack this Tuesday. Read more
Michael Herzog assesses
Iran-P5+1 talks as deadline nears
BICOM’s senior visiting fellow, Brig. Gen. (res.) Michael Herzog assesses the chances for a deal and the Israeli concerns surrounding the P5+1 talks with Iran over its nuclear programme. Read more
Elhanan Miller assesses rising violence
and Palestinian politics
BICOM Researcher Lorin Bell-Cross spoke with Elhanan Miller, Arab affairs correspondent at the Times of Israel, who assessed the recent outbreaks of violence in East Jerusalem and other parts of Israel, and the role played by various Palestinian factions. Read more
Tensions high as weapons found in Christmas
shipment, Liberman assassination plot revealed
Tensions remain high in Jerusalem as Hamas declared today as a ‘Day of Rage’ and called for protests and attacks. Jerusalem and all of Israel... Read more
Kerry downplays deadline speculation
as he arrives at Iran talks in Vienna
US Secretary of State John Kerry downplayed the possibility of a deadline extension to the Iran nuclear talks as he left France to head to... Read more
Politicians right and left condemn
anti-Arab racism
Politicians across Israel’s political spectrum condemned anti-Arab racism following the decision of Ashkelon mayor Itamar Shimoni to dismiss Arab workers from construction projects in schools... Read more


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