BICOM Briefing | Foreign Policy of the Bennett-Lapid Government: One Year On


To mark the first year of the Bennett-Lapid government, BICOM has released a new briefing, Foreign Policy of the Bennett-Lapid Government: One Year On.

Although the Israeli government is suffering from major domestic political challenges, in the field of foreign policy it can boast significant achievements, especially in the improved diplomatic relations with many of its neighbours.

This paper details these improved relations and examines how shared regional economic and military interests – centred around the fear of an increasingly active Iran – coupled with the goodwill and opportunities provided by the 2020 Abraham Accords have begun to alter the geo-strategic map of the Middle East. In this context, the government has focused on a more active policy against Iran, deepening (and potentially expanding) the Abraham Accords, and trying to promote a regional security infrastructure which includes many Arab states in the region. With the country due to host US President Biden in mid-July, these issues will continue to remain priorities for the Bennett-Lapid government.

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