Media Summary

Netanyahu, Abbas to address General Assembly today amid continued uncertainty

The expected presentation by PA President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian bid for statehood to the UN Security Council today dominates Israel-related coverage in the UK media. The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Economist, Times, Independent, Financial Times, Jewish News, Reuters, BBC Online and Sky News Online all have reports and analysis of the bid and its implications. In other items, the Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Reuters and Sky News Online note a walkout by US delegates to the UN during Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speech to the General Assembly. The Guardian has an additional piece on positive Arab attitudes toward Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyep Erdogan. The Daily Telegraph notes Prime Minister David Cameron’s words of criticism for Iranian president Ahmadinejad. The Times and Jewish News note that an amendment to a British law has ended concerns among Israeli officials that they could be arrested under universal jurisdiction laws when visiting the UK. The paper also speaks to residents of the West Bank settlement of Eli, who say they are not concerned at reports of possible upcoming violence. The Independent notes Hamas in Gaza’s opposition to the Palestinian statehood bid. The Scotsman, Independent, Times, Evening Standard and Reuters report on continued protests in Syria. The Economist has a piece critical of Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry’s pro-Israel views. The article argues that Perry’s support derives from Israel’s and Texas’s shared ‘settler narratives.’ BBC Online quotes President Shimon Peres who argues that peace is possible. BBC Online also notes criticism in Mid-East media outlets of President Obama’s speech at the UN. Sky News Online notes that Cameron criticised Iran and Syria in his UN speech. The Independent notes that the EU has banned European firms from making new investments in Syria’s oil industry and added several new entities and two individuals to a sanctions list. The paper also notes a Franco-British rift at the UN over Cameron declining to support a French initiative to upgrade Palestinian status at the UN.

The print edition of Israel Hayom leads with a piece anticipating PM Netanyahu’s speech at the UN today. The Jerusalem Post and Haaretz also lead with the Abbas and Netanyahu speeches at the UN today, and the Jerusalem Post notes Palestinian anger following the Obama speech.  

In the Israeli media, all papers focus on today’s speeches by Prime Minister Netanyahu and PA President Abbas at the UN General Assembly. Haaretz also reports on preparations by the Israeli security forces in anticipation of possible violence later today. Ynetnews reports Hamas ‘anxiety’ over the UN bid, and has an additional piece on the Iranian president’s speech at the UN yesterday. Israel Hayom notes Israeli satisfaction and Palestinian anger at President Obama’s UN speech.