Media Summary

Obama opposes Palestinian statehood bid in UN speech

President Obama’s speech at the UN General Assembly yesterday, and his expression of opposition to the Palestinian bid for UN recognition of a declaration of statehood are the main items in the UK media’s Israel related coverage today. The Guardian, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Evening Standard, Daily Telegraph, Independent, Times, Financial Times, Glasgow Herald, Reuters, BBC Online and Sky News Online all have coverage and analysis of the latest developments at the UN. In other items, the Guardian, Metro London and the Times note rallies by Palestinians in the West Bank yesterday, and the Guardian and Daily Telegraph have additional pieces noting the fact that Arab-Israeli Islamist leader Raed Salah was able to enter the UK six times because of lax enforcement of rules. The Sun and the Financial Times note the on-going repression in Syria and European intentions to increase pressure on the Assad regime. BBC Online quotes British Prime Minister David Cameron who expressed his support for the establishment for a Palestinian state. The Financial Times notes that the Palestinian Authority faces financial collapse if Israel stops transferring tax income collected on its behalf in retaliation for the Palestinians seeking UN recognition for statehood. The Daily Telegraph notes support by 117 leading figures in British art and culture for four members of the London Philharmonic Orchestra suspended for calling for the BBC to cancel a concert by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

The print editions of Israel Hayom and the Jerusalem Post focus on Obama’s speech at the UN General Assembly yesterday. The Haaretz print edition predicts that the Palestinians will take the statehood bid to the UN General Assembly within weeks.

In the Israeli media, all papers focus on Obama’s speech at the UN General Assembly yesterday, and his expression of willingness in a separate statement yesterday to use the US veto to prevent recognition of a Palestinian state by the UN Security Council. All papers also note the election of Shelly Yachimovich to the leadership of Israel’s Labour Party. Ynetnews notes the uncertainty surrounding the next moves at the UN vis-à-vis the Palestinian statehood bid. Haaretz reports on Palestinian protests in the West Bank.