Arab League secretary-general warns against Palestinian unilateral declaration


Nabil Elaraby, former Egyptian foreign minister and current secretary-general of the Arab League, has proposed that the Palestinian Authority leadership reconsider its plan to seek support for a unilateral declaration of Palestinian statehood at the United Nations in September.  The bid is expected to be brought before the UN General Assembly in mid-September, and PA President Mahmoud Abbas is currently trying to raise international support for it. Elaraby said that the move could be ‘very dangerous’ for the Palestinians at the present time, given that the PA leadership in Ramallah is not in control of Gaza, which has seen an escalation of violence in recent days.  The US has also warned the PA against this move, and Washington is expected to use its veto in the UN Security Council. Spain has expressed support for the PA on this matter, and Abbas, according to Israeli media reports, is currently seeking clarification of the British and French positions.