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Ynet: Political reality will soon take the bloom off Shaked’s return, by Nahum Barnea


Political party launches are always festive events – crowded with invitees who roar in honor of “the next prime minister” and seem to believe every word they say.

But even they know that what lies around the corner is a scramble to actually pass the threshold to actually enter the Knesset and not a grand procession to the Prime Minister’s Office. Launches are easy; elections are difficult. On Sunday, Ayelet Shaked and Naftali Bennett gathered their supporters together and joyously announced that their New Right party is back, and this time it will be headed by Shaked alone.

Shaked, which means almond, is a fitting name for a campaign with a short-lived bloom, just like the nut’s bright pink almond blossom. Behind the scenes, there is already cautious discussion of a union of the religious bloc to the right of the Likud Party. But several of the rabbis won’t have a woman as their leader, while others won’t have a secular person. Some simply want the leadership for themselves; they might agree to unite under Shaked for show, but no more.

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